Monday, December 21, 2009


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Gnoobs on parade- A first timer's recollection of Basel

So I found out I had gotten into a show around Art Basel- showing some work with Art Whino and doing a small installation. Specifically, two weeks prior- not much time, but too good of an opportunity to pass up. So my confidante Brandon Phillepson and I drove straight from Denver, leaving at 7pm on Saturday and getting into Miami around 1 in the afternoon Monday. Suffice to say, energy levels were through the roof.
From that point on, it was constant movement from 10am-4am every day, with maybe 2-3 hours of sleep a night.

The first night we met some new friends from Texas, and we explored our immediate surroundings- seeing Mac/Retna's massive wall from last year, one of Shepard Fairey's adwalls, the start of Os Gemos’s wall and finally Barry McGee's stunning building installation- complete with his trademark faces adorning nearby telephone poles and a demolished truck in front. Brandon and I scoured up some local flora to finish our installation, and we were in for the night.

Tuesday we finished up our installation pretty quickly, and began meeting the other artists with the show. Art Whino had rented out Charcoal Studios(right across from the Scope fair) for a massive group show, with a few artists doing installations as well. Hung out with new friends most of the day, and began painting the first of several outdoor walls that night after a bit of beverage consumption. It was a trip- there were cops everywhere, but no one batting an eye as we painted. They mostly kept the bums away from the fairs, and acted as 'security' in a slightly crooked manner. The homeless of Miami were very friendly, and made no qualms about their desire to work- we had no less than 4 ask us if they could help with painting in some regard. They loved the work too, the reactions as they saw various murals and installs was quite powerful.

Wednesday was the early bird opening for the fairs- it was great seeing everything come together and the art masses start descending upon the city. A friend and I went to Scope first, to begin total art over-stimulation. The people at the fairs were amazing to watch too- there were socialites, hipsters, bums sneaking in to look at the work, cute gallery girls(Jonathan Levine and Yves Laroche get honorable mentions), the gorgeous women of Miami, way more young kids looking at art than I've ever seen, and the artists themselves, quietly observing others take their work in. All told, there 20 different satellite fairs surrounding Basel, and I think I got a good look at four tops. Aqua was witnessed 3 times- the preview brunch(thanks Mark Murphy!), the Gen Art party, and Sunday afternoon. After the first Scope walk through, Brandon and I put up a few street installs across the way from Charcoal studios. There were these great 4x4 ft square window boxes in a row, so we filled them with leftover pieces of the installation- tapes, painted wooden blocks, moss and bits of detritus we'd picked up along our travels. The bums again marveled at this, and almost everything was snatched up by passerby’s within a half hour.

Wednesday night was the Primary Flight show in South Beach- we jumped in the back of a pickup and headed over. It was PACKED but fun. Props to The London Police and their hilarious Miami(Vice) themed piece. Got to meet Daryl Pierce, a gem of a dude currently hailing from Oakland. Later we went to the beach, and then got into the ridic after party in some posh South Beach hotel's courtyard. Open bar, Peanut Butter Wolf spinning, and more artists and random celebs than you could shake a stick at were there, getting their dance on.

Thursday the fairs were getting a bit more crowded, and the Art Whino crew setup at Urbanite Bistro to live paint during the day. Everyone had a 4x4 canvas and all the paint they desired courtesy of a generous donation via Utrecht. All painted throughout the day, and some of the graf guys started working on a wall across the street. I wandered over and had some fun- seeing if I could get a watercolor look to show up on brick/metal. It worked pretty well, and I spent the afternoon switching between that and my canvas piece. Gaia showed up and painted a gorgeous pigeon- apparently the 2nd time he's ever spray painted? Nice guy, very humble. Basel made the whole art world seem a lot smaller- lots of familiar faces like Charlie and Jamie Owens from Chicago, LC of Thinkspace and Cannibal Flower, David Smith and his gallery, and meeting many people I'd shown with previously. The camaraderie and genuine outgoing attitude of all there was amazing- I’ve never seen so many people excited about seeing and witnessing art being created.

Friday the fairs kicked into high gear- more out of towners came in, and Art Whino prepared for their big party. Brandon and I had been sleeping intermittently on couches at Charcoal, and occasionally a bed when offered, so we were starting to wear thin. The party went down and the outpouring of people was great. Saw some pals from Denver- Tom and Will from CMYK projects came by, Ancient Astronauts played through the night, and the beer flowed like wine.

Saturday Scotch, Supher, Justin Lavato and myself went to paint a big wall on nw Miami, only to find it had been claimed by some locals for some time. D'oh! So we went to the primary flight compound and got to paint a bit there. I again tried to do a watercolor sort of approach to the wall- I put maybe 10 hours in between Saturday and Sunday, and was pretty pleased with the results. Saw and got to meet Parskid and Tatiana, who did some amazing walls on either side of us. Mear One and Sketwere doing stuff, as were at least 30-40 other writers. Amazing to behold. Brandon came and painted Sunday while we finished up, and made a hilarious piece w a slight nod to Tatiana. Breaking down Sunday night, the crew we had formed over the last week was in disbelief our time was coming to an end. But all things must pass........

After some road troubles, we left Monday from Florida, and stopped by a few friends places on the way back to the middle. Brandon and I hung out in South Bend, and then I headed back to Chicago the next day for some r and r with the family. Nice to take a sabbatical every now and then. Overall, this trip was astounding. The connections made, the people met, the art itself, the atmosphere of it all was just- indescribable almost. Miami was like a Mecca, and I plan on continuing to make this trip for years to come.

Shout outs to Shane, Luz, Susannah, Oktawian, Lee f'ing Lovelace, Sondrah, Damali, Justin Lovato, Scotch, Supher(I thought you were Zephyr for 2 days dood- my bad), Charlie and Jamie Owens, Brent Houzenga, Michelle, Brandon Hill, Rob Fogle, Jo Ka, GAIA, Daryl Pierce, Drew, LC/Andrew(thanks for checking the show out!),Zara , Vikah, Dave Lowell, Sunny, the Ancient Astronauts, Tes One, Bask, Mear One, ,Scott Brooks, Arabella, Chris Sheridan, Herm, Nik(congrats on the move dood), Adrian Roman, Reuben, Damian, Nishi, Jason Snyder,Morten Anderson Dustin Spagnola, Sylvia Ortiz, new art buyers, and anyone else I might have forgotten. Biggest shoutouts and smooches to Bradnon Phillepson , my co-install-collaborator, and the best road warrior a fella could ask to have along. PROPS.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

owl face

owl face
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Mebe one of the better live paintings I've ever done............

Ramshackle Deluxe closes this Friday

Come out to Guerilla Gardens this Friday(3821 Steele) for the closing, 7-11ish.
Also that day I have some pieces in 'Astatine' a group show opening in Seattle, and the following day, I have a few pieces out in British Columbia(Courtenay to be exact) for the Wallfarmers Anniversary Show! Really excited for both of these, and am hopefully making the trek to both areas sometime soon.

New things in the works, stay tuned as always..........BOOSH.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

new and unexpected challenges

new and unexpected challenges
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

for Ramshackle Deluxe- couldn't get a good scan, so I brought it home yesterday.
This piece tackled a few subjects for me- Going off on one's own, butterflies in the stomach, the fear of and excitement of new places, hmm. Maybe theres a connection between these things.


CLOSING RECEPTION- Nov 13th. Come see the install if you haven't yet.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ramshackle DEluxe- new works

Well Hey! Much much has been going on lately. Heres a truncated version for you.
-Theres still some letterpress prints available at CMYK projects
- Im curating a group show in DEnver next month for Illiterate's grand opening

and I had essentially a solo show at Guerilla Gardens called 'Ramshackle Deluxe'
I did a massive installation with my pal Brandon, essentially taking the cities from my work and making them 3-dimensional. It was a blast.

Quite a few pieces sold at the opening, but there are a few still available.
Take a look if you have some time, and holler if anything catches your fancy.'Lets Make this House a Home'

'Lets Make this Better'
'Molecule Dance'
Ramshackle Deluxe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letterpress droppeth this Monday!

I'm pleased to announce my new print and first letterpress is set to drop this coming Monday at 1:00 MST.
'Eco-Survey(side A)'

8 1/2 x 11 print, on hand deckled 140lb arches paper. Each piece hand painted, no two are alike. There's a few that went beyond hand painted and moved towards embellishing- I won't say how many, but there are some gems hidden within.
Run of 50, $45 shipped. If you're in town, drop me a line, and you can get it for less.
Printed by Superheroes, and released through CMYK projects.

The whole process has been interesting having never worked in the medium before, to see the plate show up at my house, to getting the test prints, to the whole shebang getting done up properly by Ian and the Superheroes crew(support your local printers!)

Visit cmyk projects to pick this sucker up.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Beach Museum Art Auction

I'm giddy and also excited to announce I am a part of LBMA's annual auction to benefit the museum. With museums closing their doors everywhere, and some shadily selling off their collections, I'm happy to assist in keeping at least one going a bit longer.
art auction13
This new guy 'Flight Control' and one from last year ' A New Day Together' will be in Long Beach.
Vewing has begun, and the auction is this Sunday. Visit the link for more info, and visit the museum if you're around there, its free all this week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New prints in the store

Firmly Planted is listed(finally). run of 10, 75 each. Purchase Firmly Planted
Fuck Yo Diamonds, now in print form!
This one's an open edition, still signed. 8x10, 5x7 image size on coldpress cotton paper.
At some point I'll probably have a smaller run of this image at a larger size(og is ~15x22).
$25, with shipping! Purchase Fuck Yo Diamonds

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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For the Beck's music project- my take on the cover of Innervisions.
12x12 Watercolor, ink, acrylic and pen on paper the Denver Modernism show this weekend curated by SHAG!
Plus, it has apparently won best painting by Shag, so I think I get? daps from the guy? Pretty happy.

See it if you're around Denver this weekend.............

Monday, August 24, 2009

more letterpress info

Head to Beauty and the Street for more info on the upcoming letterpress. Hugs, kisses, et al, M.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


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Letterpress start- midnight/cobalt blue on 140 lb rough press arches.
coming soon from cmyk projects. more info and completed shots coming soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

annalemma illu 2

annalemma illu 2
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For Annalemma magazine, a quarterly coming out of FL( )
This was a blast, these were for a story on a ghost taking over this girl's life- so I did a before and after of the ghost being all up in her and her house's grill, and then the relief she has after he's gone.

Coming soon!

annalemma illu 1

annalemma illu 1
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seattle pictures up

Had some fun times in the pac norwest back in June. I few out for a group show, did some wall painting, geeked out, and ran around the town like it was mine, basically. Good stuff.

Seattle Show Shenans

Newsletter- 1/2 way home, no longer just lyrics by Gift of Gab

Hey gang,

Welcome to the newsletter. It’s summer, and raining like whoah in Denver, which has made it fairly ok here in the mountains.

I flew out for a show at Halogen gallery in June. What a gorgeous city--saw old friends from the SBC, ran around with new ones, and made a largeish mural for the show.
It’s been painted over, but there's plenty of photo documentation.

I currently have work available at Lunar Boy in Eugene, OR, and Art Whino, in the near DC area.

Excitement! They’re still in post production, but I painted some imagery that Nike will be using as a backdrop in the catalog for their ACG line. 72 and Sunny commissioned myself and 6-7 other artists for this, with the idea of an outdoor playground-- friendship, fun, and the outdoors meshing with urban life. The campaign will run a year, with web, print, and retail stores all showcasing the work.

Recently, I have gotten web press from a few sources, check these nice news providers--party like an art star, kotori, e minor, orange alert, and Dew labs. I've been doing a bit for 303 magazine on the illustration side, and worked on a great feature for July, with 15 illustrations or so for the local issue. Also in the 303 realm, I’m working on some board designs for the shop. and finally, 2 illustrations for Annalemma magazine, a quarterly out of Florida.

on the radar

The 7th, I’ll be in a group show at C.A.V.E. in Los Angeles, where I’ll be showing 2 pieces of the bird varietal.

The 21st, here in Denver, a great event will be taking place. Illiterate magazine is putting on a massive print show called CMYK vs RGB at Space gallery. I’ll have a few old prints available, and a brand new letterpress(!) print coming out from CMYK project. If you’re in the area, come have a look, or email me for more information on availability. UPDATE- that piece is not going to be ready for the show, but there will be some other offerings. THe letterpress will be available soon....

Also in town, big things in Sept. BIG ol’ thangs.


Recently printed up some new Robot CO shirts--it’s back!

I’m hoping to do runs of 25 every few months, if there’s enough demand. THEN, pairing the shirt with a print in a nice package deal. Hopefully in the future I’ll be bringing in other artists; I love to share their work. Shirts are lovingly/begrudgingly hand printed by the gents at Indy Ink.

I’m in the process of moving to greener pastures in Denver, so am having a web/studio sale to lighten the burden. 10-40% off ’08 and older originals, and if you’re in the Denver area, more deals.

Check out the store

That’s all, thanks as always for looking, and helping.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sometimes, the bar eats you

sometimes, the bar eats you
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This guy;s currently hanging out in preparation for C.A.V.E. galleries group show that opens this Friday. If you're in the greater Los Angeles area, you should probably go.
'Outside My Window'
507 Rose Ave Venice, CA
please contact Patrick or Tanya to aquire

More news on the studio! Currently being rebuild/simultaneously finishing a piece on a crazy tight deadline. Character building at its finest.

Monday, July 20, 2009

DEWBAGE, bros.

I recently worked on a fun project for Motive, an agency in the D. They had ~10 artists paint boxes that are now being mailed out to MT Dew enthusiasts across the fine country of ours. Mildly great concept, these people will get new pop flavors to sample, a mini cam to share their thoughts, and original pieces of art to hang in their homes! Motive came by the studio and did a lil interview with me, take a looksie.

In other news, lots of stuff brewing, more info to come.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Robot CO Returns!

Yes, thats correct. My baby has been resuced from the dump and is standing on its own once again. Help support the revolution with these magnificent shirts from Robot Co Skate Agency.
Run of 25, shirts are 18 ea. If this works out, there will be a new batch of brand new limited to 25 shirts released every month(our every other).

Buy em @ Ro Co shoppe

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Side witth the Seeds (wilco)

Side witth the Seeds (wilco)
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

Seattle Bound! I am headed out on Tuesday to prep and do a little bit of wall painting for a show. It'll be at Halogen Gallery(formerly Suite100) which is right next to Roq La Rue. It opens next Friday, and I am just giddy in the pants to show work on this scale out there.
Also showing will be Aaron Kraten, 2H, Ninjagrl, Ryan De La Hoz and more. Fairly good company!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Feature at Party Like An Art Star

I had a terrifically insightful piece done on me by Miss Chloe Gallagher, who curates a gallery in OR and writes for a playful blog called 'Party Like An Art Star'
She spent some time with my work and wrote these great words about it. Take a looksie. feature
In other news, the closing reception at Andenken over the weekend went great, with a generous crowd showing up. There will definitely be more to come with them.
I will probably laying a bit low on the art side of things(content wise). I see alot of artists that put out a few images a year- definitely not something I do. But there is wisdom (and sustainability) in not throwing up every possible thing I create in my day to day. I will put up images from shows as they happen, and will start putting up sketches and process work, but I think the new work for upcoming events will be on the down low for a bit.
On that note, there are 2 images up on FLickr for my first time showing on the Eastern seaboard- I'll be in a group show at Art Whino opening next Friday. Contact Shane if you are interested in either of these panitngs.
But stay tuned for some big news on the illustration side, and much more merriment this summer and into the fall.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Annuncuiar will have a closing party this Saturday the 25th, from 7-?

The show has been great for all parties involved, so come down and see what you might have missed.
In addition, I will have a print available of this guy

14x14 on w/c paper, run of 10, $75 each.
and I'll also have a new piece to replace 'Bayou' which is already hanging in Steve's living room...guess you'll have to go to see it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

kauff shoppe
The sale is going an extra week- partly due to my laziness, and partly due to my love for you. Free shipping on orders over 200, and free goodies on purchases over 50.

In April I'll be showing for the first time with Andenken gallery- honored to show at such a prestigious gallery in the D. Ill have 5-6 new pieces there in a group show.
The 2nd week of April I'll be showing again(for the first time in a few years) at Lunar Boy in Astoria, OR for their bird show. Fitting........

I put up pictures from my solo opening in Asheville last week, take a look if you have a moment.
show images

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tarnished hero

tarnished hero
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

The times they are a changin.

I leave in 2 days, and start installation-

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ghosts release

I'm quite happy to announce that my first solo show in several years opens March 6th at Push Gallery in Asheville, NC. The show is called 'Ghosts of Industry' and comments on the frailty of spirit currently felt by many. I wanted to explore the concepts of death or passing, but not in a trite, gory manner. Rather, as a celebration, or acceptance, a beautiful thing.

A transition.

Figures in these paintings appear half-way between respondent glory and an eternal downward spiral. Once proud being(s) reduced to rubble. Ive casted most of the work in resin and mounted them to wood boards, so they kind of float under the surface, leaving them entombed in that moment - victims of a changing world, trying to live their lives.

Times may seem dark, but we are on the brink of pulling through. With these works, there is a hint of death/the end, but the subjects have a certain understanding, almost as if they are ok with it. The figures exude a certain sense that they're feeding the next generation, passing on their essence and knowledge to eager minds. The work flirts with chaos and the crumbling of civilization along the way…it just might get worse before it gets better.

There will be 30 new paintings and a site-specific installation.
This show is a new chapter for me- incorporating watercolor, acrylic, gouache and more into work that puts further emphasis on texture , color, and mark making. This new work is a fusion of my live acrylic painting style with my studio watercolor approach. I will be flying out a week prior to the opening for the installation to prepare. As with most of my work, I have concrete idea of what the install will entail, but there will plenty of room for experimentation and on-the-fly additions/subtractions. There will also be a new print, 'Rust Belt' unveiled for the show. This will be a 2 color print, edition of 60, and available through Push. Hope to see you there.

'Ghosts of Industry'
preview at
opens 3-6-09- show runs through the 31st of March
Push Gallery
25 Patton Ave Asheville, NC 828- 225-5509
for more information, please contact
Max Kauffman ( or Rob Sebrell (

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its Coming.........

Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

few weeks! I'll be flying out to Asheville a week prior to do some installation work too.
This image will also be a print/shirt available through Push as well, sans text of course.
Eager to drop the new body of work.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Art Sale!

First sale in the shop starts today!
Kauff Shoppe
This will be an across the board sale, with live paint pieces, slightly older watercolors, prints,
and a few recent pieces from last year.
Like many others, the economic tide has affected me a bit-
I don't want to come off as cocky and say I'm not fearful for what is to come.
I am embracing it, and passing
along this opportunity to own an original piece of art.
Money generated from this
sale will go towards future projects this year.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone that you might know that has been considering purchasing art...
Older watercolors and acrylics are up to 50% off
Newer watercolors up to 30% off
Free shipping with purchase over $200(with multiple items, discount will be refunded via paypal)
Free stuff with purchases over $100
Payment plans are an option...
Kauff Shoppe

I'll be showing a few things next week in Seattle at Nancy.

I have been hard at work on my first solo show in a few years, 'Ghosts of Industry' opening early march at Push Gallery.

I'll be flying out to ASheville a week or so prior, to build the installation component of the show.
THis is my first solo in several years,
and I am eager to unveil a new chapter in my art. The shows theme echoes our current state of woe.

Ghosts drift through a lonely world, clinging to the vestiges of their former glory.
Initial images will be available in a few weeks,
feel free to email if you'd like to see the preview list.

That same weekend, Ill be showing a few pieces for the first time at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, for their annual group show.

After that Ill be taking a bit of a breather until June, when I'll fly out to Indianapolis for a show at Gnosis with my good friend Yancy Crawford.

There will much installing for that as well.

Thanks for all of your continued love and support. I am constantly inspired by the people around me, and have you to thank.

The best to you and yours,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mini ghost!

Sumi ink, watercolor, and pen. This is a great example of my art spaz tendencies- I was getting ready to work on a big piece(that needs to be done asap) and after getting all situated, I start this guy off, so I have options. I then proceed to finish this, ignoring the bog piece completely. Balls!

click for better view

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I like this daily sketch thing, I'm gonna attempt to keep up with the heavy hitters here.
From this morning.
I've been working for a few months on a solo 'Ghosts of Industry' and this was slated to go in, but its not 'ghost'y' enough.
(click for better view)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

mini under the influence review


Another of G1988's super shows-- this opened last weekend I believe.

Some favs, and theres shit tons more at
Lots of pieces inspired by Brass Monkey/Girls/Intergalactic..... seems like with these super shows a large percentage of the artists take the first thing that comes to mind- the work is still sick, but it'd be cool if there was more digging for obscure stuff.

Andrew Hem

Ken Garduno

Hey a Chicagoan! Joey D.

Shepard Fairey/Glenn Friedman collab?!


Another Chicagoan! Netherland.
Theres just, tons of stuff here. Beastie sensory overload.