Monday, October 19, 2009

Ramshackle DEluxe- new works

Well Hey! Much much has been going on lately. Heres a truncated version for you.
-Theres still some letterpress prints available at CMYK projects
- Im curating a group show in DEnver next month for Illiterate's grand opening

and I had essentially a solo show at Guerilla Gardens called 'Ramshackle Deluxe'
I did a massive installation with my pal Brandon, essentially taking the cities from my work and making them 3-dimensional. It was a blast.

Quite a few pieces sold at the opening, but there are a few still available.
Take a look if you have some time, and holler if anything catches your fancy.'Lets Make this House a Home'

'Lets Make this Better'
'Molecule Dance'
Ramshackle Deluxe

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