Friday, May 11, 2007


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Its Phantoon!

Test post #2


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
Just got a camera after a few year hiatus(schwing!) and on my drive back from PHX to Durango, took some photos. The drive was pretty cool, I was supposed to head up through Gallup over to Cortez, but missed my turn, so I ended up going through an Indian Reservation straight up the continental divide, through Farmington into Durango. The drive was supposed to be 6 and a half hours, ended up being about 2 hours longer since I stopped so much.
a few-

and a Der-ango shot

Pro account s now in full effect at Flickr, Im gonna start putting up tons of actual pictures from a while back. I have lots of concert photos from college, so Ill share some of those sometime. Art news you ask-
I got to meet with the owners of Windup Gallery, a cool new place about to open in Mesa, AZ. I left them a few pieces for the grand opening ( and I was asked to be in agroup show or two as well. Very excited!
I'm also going to have a solo show in PHX in August at the Pravus gallery at the Anti-space, and another in Sept at 2 38's gallery in Denver. Time to get cracking!

Cheers, in the words of a great man, 'Happy Friday everyone'

Thursday, May 10, 2007

well hey there

So......I had claimed some time ago to have a brand spanking new site in the works. This hasn't happened. I had claimed as well, for once a week updates on the old site, which has also (surprise!) not happened. Henceforth, I'm gonna be on top of this blawg thing.

The new site that was promised to me(and to you) was apparently done for some 6 months were it sat quietly, and my attempts to see it or anything about it went unanswered. I thought, well, when I go home to the SBC, I can talk face to face, alleviate the problem, get it up. Met with the guy, only to have him flake out yet again. I won't name names, but this guy has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is othing more than a flake, rather than 'busy' as he claims.
No worries, but no new site. So, Ill have this thing for news and whatnot. I've had photos up for sometime on Flickr, and just upgraded to a pro account, so that will be up shortly. Lastly, I've had a store for the last month or two on Etsy, so I have an almost whole site, broken into 3 sections. One day, a real site. For now, this works just dandy. Enjoy the, uh, ambiance, and I'll have more to come soon.