Friday, January 29, 2010

January/February Happenstances

Hello friends and pals,

its '010 already. Dang.
Yeah, old news to most, but I am still playing a bit of catchup from December. I was honored to show some work during Basel with Art Whino. My pal Brandon and I built a site specific illustration for the show as well. That week was amazing- meeting tons of new friends, painting on walls (totally new to me), chasing lizards, and no sleep. Please visit Wallfarmers for a small writeup I did on the trip, plus pictures. I'll be back again this December w/ Art Whino for an even bigger show. Woop!

For you Denver-ites(and SIA attendees) this Saturday I'll be having a mini solo at Andenken, coinciding with the Shoeshine exhibit. Would love to see some of you there. February I have a piece at Bootleg Exhibitions in Indianapolis. Its ran in part by an old pal Stacey, do have a look if you're in the Hoosier state. In March I'll have 5-6 new works for another show with Art Whino called the g40- showcasing artists around the country and beyond. Stay tuned for more things with Art Whino later this year..........

Finally, the second week of February I'll be having a big sale on my Etsy, with prints, clothing, and older paintings all marked down. Stay tuned, there will be some great deals.

Thanks so much for the support and love, especially if you bought anything in 2009. It was my first year living soley off of my creations.
That's all for now, this year is gonna be neat.