Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Friday is back! hollers.

Another edition of Free Friday is here(yes, it's been a bit).
I'm hoping this will be a good challenge-
Results for the census of marine life were posted earlier this month, after 10 years of research. Surprisingly, many known animals account for only about 2% percent of known species.
What phylum was discovered to be the most common(or highest percentage>>>)?
Please send your answer to kauffmanartistry(at) Only email-ed answers will be entered.

First prize gets 'Divergent Evolution'
a mounted to board and resin-cast painting from last year(pic is pre resin cast).

2nd prize gets an original doodle

3rd gets a 'birding in egypt' print

Contest ends midnight on Friday, winners will be posted Sat morn, at some point.

Happy hunting!