Monday, June 29, 2009

Robot CO Returns!

Yes, thats correct. My baby has been resuced from the dump and is standing on its own once again. Help support the revolution with these magnificent shirts from Robot Co Skate Agency.
Run of 25, shirts are 18 ea. If this works out, there will be a new batch of brand new limited to 25 shirts released every month(our every other).

Buy em @ Ro Co shoppe

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Side witth the Seeds (wilco)

Side witth the Seeds (wilco)
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Seattle Bound! I am headed out on Tuesday to prep and do a little bit of wall painting for a show. It'll be at Halogen Gallery(formerly Suite100) which is right next to Roq La Rue. It opens next Friday, and I am just giddy in the pants to show work on this scale out there.
Also showing will be Aaron Kraten, 2H, Ninjagrl, Ryan De La Hoz and more. Fairly good company!