Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interview over at Spraygraphic

Hey webheads,
just got an interview over at Spraygraphic, go check it out and let me know the level of lameness/unlameness contained within.
If you;re in Denver, theres an interesting show opening at TOSA(near the Denver park) focusing on politics that I'll have a few things in. I won't be there though, as I'll be doing some live painting during the Post's Underground Music Fest- I should be at 3 Kings, the lineup there is looking hot.
New shows in new places, all(should be a bit of a challenge) in NOV
Mecha/ORganica at Suite 100 Seattle
Black Maria LA
mini show Double Punch, San Fran
thanks for looking!
interview at Spraygraphic

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Plaid Panda closing party situation

Hello Denvah,
Plaid Panda comes down next week, but not without a little more fun. This Friday at Icelantic there will be a closing reception from 7-10 pm. There will be refreshments, and the wonderful sounds of Tangible Stereo, who rock the mic rather hard. They'll be playing from 8:30 to 10. Come out if you can, and if not the show will be up for a few more days next week, until the gallery has their next 1st Friday on the 1st. Thanks bunches.

and if you need prodding, take a looksie here- plaid panda

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lost in the moment

Lost in the moment
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One more- this guy is the bee's knees.

Plaid Panda part deux- more to gander at

Few more previews with the show coming up very quickly- this Friday! I hung the show last week, and it looks fantastic. I did a small install with a nod to the analog, and everyone's varying styles go together really well on the walls.

'For the Benefit of your Ears'

'If this is any Indication'