Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Friday winners

Only one, because Nick Bocchino was the only person to get the answer this time.

It was 'Dear Foonty, Love Trowl' and was penned by ol Dave Carnie.

Nick gets the big bird head!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Newsletter

Hello there,
and welcome to the Kauffman Artistry Holiday Newsletter.
I hope your turkey or tofurkey consumption was unrivalled.

Got a few shows coming up I'd like to share with you-

I'm sending off a few pieces to Double Punch today for a KILLER group show.
Its Ryan De La Hoz's last effort as curator, so be sure to check it out if you're in the bay area.
Email them if you want to see a preview!
This is will be my first time showing in the bay in several years.

I have a few different holiday showings around Denver-
this Thursday and the 16th I'll have a table at Beauty Bar hawking goods for Fabric Lab's After Hours Holiday Market.
This is gonna be wicked fun- cheap drinks, manicure specials for you ladies, and goods from local artists and designers.
Ill have shirts, prints, drawings and more, come visit.
Friday I'll have some pieces at Indy Ink for Huth's last show as curator- all work will be under 100, cash and carry for the holidays.
Next Saturday Chris Huth, John Fellows, the Pruitts and myself will have some new work up at Mod Livin-
Here are two of those works-

January I'll be showing twice in LA-
bird show early January at Cactus Gallery
and the 27th I'll be showing a piece at Cannibal Flower, and will be out there painting live!

If you're in Chicago this weekend check out the Ustorm annual acoustic show w Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger-
I donated a few paintings to their raffle, support the kids!

I'll be putting up a few smaller originals and some new shirts in the store- keep your eyes peeled.
Enter the code 'holidaysituationtime' and get 20% off any purchase!

Lastly, another edition of Free Friday. This one is going to be drawn next week, to allow research time.
Winner gets Avian Ponder- a piece from a few years back-2x4 feet! 2nd place gets an original drawing.
3rd place gets the print 'Flight Control' and 4th place gets a silkscreen of Birding in Egypt.

This week's question-
Big Brother magazine was a........slightly risky skateboard magazine that went defunct about a decade ago. Within the pages, there were all sorts hidden ramblings, stories, and tips in lieu of captions. Every issue had a 'love letter' on the contents page where the fine legalese should have been.
Who was it always to and from? Bonus question- what real person wrote these? Answering the bonus question will get you an extra entry.
Email the answer of this question to

Thanks for the support, and have a good season of Channuka/xmas/kwanzaa/et al.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Friday winners

4th place Liz Brueske Birding in Egypt print

3rd place Yancy Crawford Eco-Survey Side A letterpress print

2nd place Will Guiliani original drawing

1st place Nick Hartman One is Never Enough painting

Answer was Building Better Bombs or Om.

Stay tuned, there will be another one in December!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

one is never enough (free friday november)

one is never enough
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

This is what you'll win, you lucky boy/girl/person you.

Fall newsletter

Fall Newsletter


I currently have a few small pieces up at Slice Gallery in Denver- come visit at 4318 Tennyson St.
Next week 'Retrostatic' opens in Des Moines IA at Instinct Gallery. I'll have a few different metroid paintings available there.
Next month I'm part of an EPIC show at Double Punch, curated by Mr Ryan De La Hoz. I think its his last show at Double Punch, and its a doozy.
I'll be mailing out 3 pieces for that. Closer to home, I am showing a bit in December in town- friends show at Mod Living(me, Fellows, Huth, the Pruitts) and at a holiday market or two.

This month 303 is putting out an art board with some of my paintings emblazoned on the bottom, and Indy Ink is releasing a new shirt (Fade). Both are a run of 100 available together and seperate. The first 25 packages will come with a limited edition screenprint. Stay tuned for more on this.

Putting out a few new prints this week of paintings from 2009.

'Fuck Yo Diamonds' giclee 16x20 paper size run of 5 $60
'Flight Control' giclee 12x12 paper size run of 15 $25

Find them Wednesday in my Etsy shop.

Finally, for the last few months I've been doing a giveaway called 'Free Friday'.
Free art? yes. Free fun? yes. How, you ask?

Aswering a trivia question gets you entered into a raffle where you can win original art!
I'm going to be switching up the giveaway to be just once a month, but w more enticing prize.
If you want to play, this week's winner will recieve 'One is Never Enough' a painting from 2008.
2nd AND 3rd place get an original drawing,and there will now be a 4th place that gets a mystery print.
This week's question-
P.O.S., Minneaplois rapper and n'er do well, was in a very different genre of music prior to hip hop.
What was the band's name?
Send your answer to by Friday at 12am mountain time.

Thanks for playing, and for the support. L'chaim.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Winners for Free Friday!

The names have been drawn........

Kevin D powers it in w 3rd place.

Roy S miraculously comes in 2nd place.

And Arianna gets the big win.

Thanks for playing, there will be another one the 12th!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Friday is back! hollers.

Another edition of Free Friday is here(yes, it's been a bit).
I'm hoping this will be a good challenge-
Results for the census of marine life were posted earlier this month, after 10 years of research. Surprisingly, many known animals account for only about 2% percent of known species.
What phylum was discovered to be the most common(or highest percentage>>>)?
Please send your answer to kauffmanartistry(at) Only email-ed answers will be entered.

First prize gets 'Divergent Evolution'
a mounted to board and resin-cast painting from last year(pic is pre resin cast).

2nd prize gets an original doodle

3rd gets a 'birding in egypt' print

Contest ends midnight on Friday, winners will be posted Sat morn, at some point.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

R'fuah opening shots

Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

starting to trickle in..........

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

R'fuah opens this Friday at Pawn Works 9-10-10

I am writing this in between some last minute set-ups and install building for my only solo show this year- R'fuah. In years past I have also only had one big show a year, but this time around all focus went to this- something thats been somewhat excruciating given my add personality but ultimately rewarding for the level of work and vision on these paintings.
The opening reception is 6-10 on Friday at 1050 N. Damen- hope to see some of my Chicago(and SOUTH BEND) pals.

Heres a few pieces, and a preview of more.

'Puddle Jumper'

Few bits of recent press below
Studio Visit w Daily DuJour
303 magazine interview
Curbs and Stoops

Thanks so much, hope to see ya there.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Shirts and Prints in the Kauff Shoppe

aka my Etsy store.

New colorways on the 'Hold Dear' shirt, a print of the same, and some lot shirts I made when I saw the PISH in Telluride a few weeks ago.

Solo- coming hot next month.

Initial press-

Heading off shortly- I'll be in Chicago for the next two weeks building an installation, enjoying some tunes, and maybe painting a mural or three.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer newsletter

Gang! How are ya?
Wanted to share some things happening around the ol Kauff Shoppe-

I had a trip to Los Angeles for the opening of 'I Believe' recently, which was a hilarious and amazing Unicorn themed group show at WWA Gallery.
The show is up for two more weeks, if you're in the area. You can see the work(and Unicorn pictures)HERE.

The trip, though over, was bookended by tacos. So it was quite nice.

Are you possibly in Canada and wondering 'where could I see paintypoos in person?'
The answer is of course, Wallfarmers. Say hey to Tara too!
If you're just a little south, visit Lunar Boy Gallery in Oregon and say hey to Deborah.

I just drew up a new shirt, you can see and even purchase it HERE

There's only larges, smalls and an xsmall left. But new colorways (and print!) coming a bit into July.

This Friday, several pieces will be included in a group show at the New Black Book (formally the Andenken) gallery.
Do come by Denver-ites! Its been about 8 months since I've shown locally.
555 Santa Fe Dr
Denver CO

I also have a nice selection of smaller and slightly older work at Acoustic Music Revivial in Englewood.
We're planning a closing reception the 23rd of July.
3445 S Broadway
Englewood, CO
There will be a print release in conjunction with the closing.

Two weeks ago I started a new fun endeavor: Free Fridays. A way to share my work with new fans and grizzled vets alike.
I gave away a drawing, a print and an origianl painting to some lucky readers who answered a trivia question about skateboarding and hiphop.
There's another drawing next Friday--stay tuned!

Just started carrying products with Artsprojekt-big ups to Rob and Andy for the invite.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce a solo show this September in Chicago.
R'fuah- a renewal of Spirit.
This show looks at the idea of what people hold dear- their beliefs, their sanctuary, their home.
There are hints of falling back to dark times- of degression, possibly of de-evolution.
During tough times, the little things become important. As it's what we hold onto, tighter and tighter, until the storm dissapates.
They bring hope, peace, calm to the storms within.

Sept 10th 8pm Pawn Works Contemporary
1050 N Damen Chicago IL

Thanks as always,








Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Fridays starts this week!!

Free art? yes. Free fun? yes. How, you ask?

Every two weeks, starting this Friday(6-4) I'll be giving away an original painting/drawing/print/? away to a few lucky winners. I don't have the details fully hashed out, but I'm hoping it'll be a fun game that'll reward paying attention and letting others in on the fun. To start this week is a trivia question(2-parter)

What song played in James Craig's first video appearance (ala 411 volume 30), and what famous(now defunct) skate spot is he sitting by at the end of said part?

Send your answer to by Friday at 12am mountain time.

Via a drawing, first place will get

'The Boy King Under Pressure' 7x11 in watercolor and ink on paper
From the show Horus and Friends back in October 07.

Second place gets an ever so slightly creased print of 'Firmly Planted' a print made for a show at Andenken last year(now sold out) 14x14 in

Third place gets an original drawing/sketch.

Send your answers in by Friday morning! Thanks for playing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unicorns show next Month

Flying out for a hilarious show in a few weeks.


email to get on the preview list.

And next Friday I'll have a piece in a Virgin Mary themed show here in Denver.
More stuff soons!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Benefit show in TX this weekend

Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

I met this dude Supher at Basel last year- what a dick.
Seriously though, him and Scotch became my boys there, and we shared some good adventures. This is a benefit show for a pal of his, and I'm happy to support the cause. If you're in San ANtonio, check it out.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

12x12 watercolor, gouache and ink on paper
Comission for a pal.

Essentially he told me this gnarly story of attempting to speak to his true love, in a hostel in Amsterdam, under the effect of good ol Psilocybin- didn't turn out too well.
Over several meetings, he told me of this, of seeing the world through a lens, seeing the beauty, seeing the patina that exists in most of the world, and a general amazement of nature. This painting comes from that.....pretty happy with it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

Heading to LA next month! I'll be showing a few Unicorn-themed pieces at WWA Gallery with a fairly incredible cast o artists.

More info and preview info @

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

~9x9 in watercolor on arches.

soon to be Ottowa bound for a 99 red balloons themed show at Canteen- place looks pretty rad.

camaraderie from both sides- nature and civilization playing nice again.
sooner still to be resin cast and mounted to wood. Haven't done ANY this year, its time.

please email to inquire

ps- new sticks soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Doctos without Borders

Just sent a check- thanks again to all who helped in March! Hoping to do some more towards the cause, probably will have a print or small run of shirts with proceeds heading to them as well. Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

INterview at Illiterate- check it out! And new stuff Friday in town- pics soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Denver Arts

Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

Hey- a Denver show! I'll be interpreting a child's doodle into something of my own for a show next Friday. Just got the drawing, so it is go time essentially.
Also in April, I'll be in ANOTHER show in DEnver, an anniversary show for x rocks the spot. All I know is that its in April, and that its at the Garage.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cannibal Flower, this weekend

Holding on to the Before Time
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

I first met LC a few years ago- I went into Thinkspace while in town and he gave my stuff a look over. Flash forward to this years Basel, and I see him on the street- immediately recognizes me and we talk a bit. I wish all gallery owners/workers/purveyors were this good of dudes or ladies. Anyhoo, I haven't had a piece in Cannibal Flower for a few years, but theres one this weekend, and this bird will be there. Look for more CA(and CAnada) appearances over the next couple months...
Cannibal Flower
Saturday March 27th
reception 9pm-1 am
New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm St. Los Angeles, CA
Admission is $8, $6 with costume.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

g40 teaser- Blinding Clarity

Blinding Clarity deet
Originally uploaded by notduceduce.

teaser for a new piece I sent off to DC for the G40 show. Gonna be tubular.
More details via this deet, at

Full sizers and more up shortly.

PS, the sale is going good, 4 pieces sold this week! Visit Kauff SHoppe if you haven;t yet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sale is live!

Check it out @ kauff shoppe

Lots more stuff I'll be putting up today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb sale/benefit starts this Sunday

Hey, wanted to send you a short note about my annual studio sale. It starts this Sunday and runs through the 14th of March. You can access the sale via cyberspace on my Etsy, and in person at 954 E Bayaud Ave in Denver(please call or email ahead to schedule studio visits). I'll have discounts on some of last years paintings, older pieces and prints, with freebies of varying degrees on purchases of $50 or more. Payment plans will be available too. One third of all sales will go to the people of Haiti, via Doctors Without Borders. I'm just one human, but if I can help in some way, cool. Hopefully this inspires others to do the same, to assist in rebuilding, and to allow the Haitians to go back to their lives.

Please check out for some initial work, more pieces will be up come Sunday. Also feel free to share this with anyone else who might be interested.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, January 29, 2010

January/February Happenstances

Hello friends and pals,

its '010 already. Dang.
Yeah, old news to most, but I am still playing a bit of catchup from December. I was honored to show some work during Basel with Art Whino. My pal Brandon and I built a site specific illustration for the show as well. That week was amazing- meeting tons of new friends, painting on walls (totally new to me), chasing lizards, and no sleep. Please visit Wallfarmers for a small writeup I did on the trip, plus pictures. I'll be back again this December w/ Art Whino for an even bigger show. Woop!

For you Denver-ites(and SIA attendees) this Saturday I'll be having a mini solo at Andenken, coinciding with the Shoeshine exhibit. Would love to see some of you there. February I have a piece at Bootleg Exhibitions in Indianapolis. Its ran in part by an old pal Stacey, do have a look if you're in the Hoosier state. In March I'll have 5-6 new works for another show with Art Whino called the g40- showcasing artists around the country and beyond. Stay tuned for more things with Art Whino later this year..........

Finally, the second week of February I'll be having a big sale on my Etsy, with prints, clothing, and older paintings all marked down. Stay tuned, there will be some great deals.

Thanks so much for the support and love, especially if you bought anything in 2009. It was my first year living soley off of my creations.
That's all for now, this year is gonna be neat.