Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer newsletter

Gang! How are ya?
Wanted to share some things happening around the ol Kauff Shoppe-

I had a trip to Los Angeles for the opening of 'I Believe' recently, which was a hilarious and amazing Unicorn themed group show at WWA Gallery.
The show is up for two more weeks, if you're in the area. You can see the work(and Unicorn pictures)HERE.

The trip, though over, was bookended by tacos. So it was quite nice.

Are you possibly in Canada and wondering 'where could I see paintypoos in person?'
The answer is of course, Wallfarmers. Say hey to Tara too!
If you're just a little south, visit Lunar Boy Gallery in Oregon and say hey to Deborah.

I just drew up a new shirt, you can see and even purchase it HERE

There's only larges, smalls and an xsmall left. But new colorways (and print!) coming a bit into July.

This Friday, several pieces will be included in a group show at the New Black Book (formally the Andenken) gallery.
Do come by Denver-ites! Its been about 8 months since I've shown locally.
555 Santa Fe Dr
Denver CO

I also have a nice selection of smaller and slightly older work at Acoustic Music Revivial in Englewood.
We're planning a closing reception the 23rd of July.
3445 S Broadway
Englewood, CO
There will be a print release in conjunction with the closing.

Two weeks ago I started a new fun endeavor: Free Fridays. A way to share my work with new fans and grizzled vets alike.
I gave away a drawing, a print and an origianl painting to some lucky readers who answered a trivia question about skateboarding and hiphop.
There's another drawing next Friday--stay tuned!

Just started carrying products with Artsprojekt-big ups to Rob and Andy for the invite.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce a solo show this September in Chicago.
R'fuah- a renewal of Spirit.
This show looks at the idea of what people hold dear- their beliefs, their sanctuary, their home.
There are hints of falling back to dark times- of degression, possibly of de-evolution.
During tough times, the little things become important. As it's what we hold onto, tighter and tighter, until the storm dissapates.
They bring hope, peace, calm to the storms within.

Sept 10th 8pm Pawn Works Contemporary
1050 N Damen Chicago IL

Thanks as always,








Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Fridays starts this week!!

Free art? yes. Free fun? yes. How, you ask?

Every two weeks, starting this Friday(6-4) I'll be giving away an original painting/drawing/print/? away to a few lucky winners. I don't have the details fully hashed out, but I'm hoping it'll be a fun game that'll reward paying attention and letting others in on the fun. To start this week is a trivia question(2-parter)

What song played in James Craig's first video appearance (ala 411 volume 30), and what famous(now defunct) skate spot is he sitting by at the end of said part?

Send your answer to by Friday at 12am mountain time.

Via a drawing, first place will get

'The Boy King Under Pressure' 7x11 in watercolor and ink on paper
From the show Horus and Friends back in October 07.

Second place gets an ever so slightly creased print of 'Firmly Planted' a print made for a show at Andenken last year(now sold out) 14x14 in

Third place gets an original drawing/sketch.

Send your answers in by Friday morning! Thanks for playing.