Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Fridays starts this week!!

Free art? yes. Free fun? yes. How, you ask?

Every two weeks, starting this Friday(6-4) I'll be giving away an original painting/drawing/print/? away to a few lucky winners. I don't have the details fully hashed out, but I'm hoping it'll be a fun game that'll reward paying attention and letting others in on the fun. To start this week is a trivia question(2-parter)

What song played in James Craig's first video appearance (ala 411 volume 30), and what famous(now defunct) skate spot is he sitting by at the end of said part?

Send your answer to by Friday at 12am mountain time.

Via a drawing, first place will get

'The Boy King Under Pressure' 7x11 in watercolor and ink on paper
From the show Horus and Friends back in October 07.

Second place gets an ever so slightly creased print of 'Firmly Planted' a print made for a show at Andenken last year(now sold out) 14x14 in

Third place gets an original drawing/sketch.

Send your answers in by Friday morning! Thanks for playing.

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