Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Newsletter

Hello there,
and welcome to the Kauffman Artistry Holiday Newsletter.
I hope your turkey or tofurkey consumption was unrivalled.

Got a few shows coming up I'd like to share with you-

I'm sending off a few pieces to Double Punch today for a KILLER group show.
Its Ryan De La Hoz's last effort as curator, so be sure to check it out if you're in the bay area.
Email them if you want to see a preview!
This is will be my first time showing in the bay in several years.

I have a few different holiday showings around Denver-
this Thursday and the 16th I'll have a table at Beauty Bar hawking goods for Fabric Lab's After Hours Holiday Market.
This is gonna be wicked fun- cheap drinks, manicure specials for you ladies, and goods from local artists and designers.
Ill have shirts, prints, drawings and more, come visit.
Friday I'll have some pieces at Indy Ink for Huth's last show as curator- all work will be under 100, cash and carry for the holidays.
Next Saturday Chris Huth, John Fellows, the Pruitts and myself will have some new work up at Mod Livin-
Here are two of those works-

January I'll be showing twice in LA-
bird show early January at Cactus Gallery
and the 27th I'll be showing a piece at Cannibal Flower, and will be out there painting live!

If you're in Chicago this weekend check out the Ustorm annual acoustic show w Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger-
I donated a few paintings to their raffle, support the kids!

I'll be putting up a few smaller originals and some new shirts in the store- keep your eyes peeled.
Enter the code 'holidaysituationtime' and get 20% off any purchase!

Lastly, another edition of Free Friday. This one is going to be drawn next week, to allow research time.
Winner gets Avian Ponder- a piece from a few years back-2x4 feet! 2nd place gets an original drawing.
3rd place gets the print 'Flight Control' and 4th place gets a silkscreen of Birding in Egypt.

This week's question-
Big Brother magazine was a........slightly risky skateboard magazine that went defunct about a decade ago. Within the pages, there were all sorts hidden ramblings, stories, and tips in lieu of captions. Every issue had a 'love letter' on the contents page where the fine legalese should have been.
Who was it always to and from? Bonus question- what real person wrote these? Answering the bonus question will get you an extra entry.
Email the answer of this question to

Thanks for the support, and have a good season of Channuka/xmas/kwanzaa/et al.


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