Friday, May 11, 2007

Just got a camera after a few year hiatus(schwing!) and on my drive back from PHX to Durango, took some photos. The drive was pretty cool, I was supposed to head up through Gallup over to Cortez, but missed my turn, so I ended up going through an Indian Reservation straight up the continental divide, through Farmington into Durango. The drive was supposed to be 6 and a half hours, ended up being about 2 hours longer since I stopped so much.
a few-

and a Der-ango shot

Pro account s now in full effect at Flickr, Im gonna start putting up tons of actual pictures from a while back. I have lots of concert photos from college, so Ill share some of those sometime. Art news you ask-
I got to meet with the owners of Windup Gallery, a cool new place about to open in Mesa, AZ. I left them a few pieces for the grand opening ( and I was asked to be in agroup show or two as well. Very excited!
I'm also going to have a solo show in PHX in August at the Pravus gallery at the Anti-space, and another in Sept at 2 38's gallery in Denver. Time to get cracking!

Cheers, in the words of a great man, 'Happy Friday everyone'

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Zinnia said...

Keep up the good work.