Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Art Sale!

First sale in the shop starts today!
Kauff Shoppe
This will be an across the board sale, with live paint pieces, slightly older watercolors, prints,
and a few recent pieces from last year.
Like many others, the economic tide has affected me a bit-
I don't want to come off as cocky and say I'm not fearful for what is to come.
I am embracing it, and passing
along this opportunity to own an original piece of art.
Money generated from this
sale will go towards future projects this year.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone that you might know that has been considering purchasing art...
Older watercolors and acrylics are up to 50% off
Newer watercolors up to 30% off
Free shipping with purchase over $200(with multiple items, discount will be refunded via paypal)
Free stuff with purchases over $100
Payment plans are an option...
Kauff Shoppe

I'll be showing a few things next week in Seattle at Nancy.

I have been hard at work on my first solo show in a few years, 'Ghosts of Industry' opening early march at Push Gallery.

I'll be flying out to ASheville a week or so prior, to build the installation component of the show.
THis is my first solo in several years,
and I am eager to unveil a new chapter in my art. The shows theme echoes our current state of woe.

Ghosts drift through a lonely world, clinging to the vestiges of their former glory.
Initial images will be available in a few weeks,
feel free to email if you'd like to see the preview list.

That same weekend, Ill be showing a few pieces for the first time at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, for their annual group show.

After that Ill be taking a bit of a breather until June, when I'll fly out to Indianapolis for a show at Gnosis with my good friend Yancy Crawford.

There will much installing for that as well.

Thanks for all of your continued love and support. I am constantly inspired by the people around me, and have you to thank.

The best to you and yours,

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