Monday, February 23, 2009

Ghosts release

I'm quite happy to announce that my first solo show in several years opens March 6th at Push Gallery in Asheville, NC. The show is called 'Ghosts of Industry' and comments on the frailty of spirit currently felt by many. I wanted to explore the concepts of death or passing, but not in a trite, gory manner. Rather, as a celebration, or acceptance, a beautiful thing.

A transition.

Figures in these paintings appear half-way between respondent glory and an eternal downward spiral. Once proud being(s) reduced to rubble. Ive casted most of the work in resin and mounted them to wood boards, so they kind of float under the surface, leaving them entombed in that moment - victims of a changing world, trying to live their lives.

Times may seem dark, but we are on the brink of pulling through. With these works, there is a hint of death/the end, but the subjects have a certain understanding, almost as if they are ok with it. The figures exude a certain sense that they're feeding the next generation, passing on their essence and knowledge to eager minds. The work flirts with chaos and the crumbling of civilization along the way…it just might get worse before it gets better.

There will be 30 new paintings and a site-specific installation.
This show is a new chapter for me- incorporating watercolor, acrylic, gouache and more into work that puts further emphasis on texture , color, and mark making. This new work is a fusion of my live acrylic painting style with my studio watercolor approach. I will be flying out a week prior to the opening for the installation to prepare. As with most of my work, I have concrete idea of what the install will entail, but there will plenty of room for experimentation and on-the-fly additions/subtractions. There will also be a new print, 'Rust Belt' unveiled for the show. This will be a 2 color print, edition of 60, and available through Push. Hope to see you there.

'Ghosts of Industry'
preview at
opens 3-6-09- show runs through the 31st of March
Push Gallery
25 Patton Ave Asheville, NC 828- 225-5509
for more information, please contact
Max Kauffman ( or Rob Sebrell (

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