Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seattle pictures up

Had some fun times in the pac norwest back in June. I few out for a group show, did some wall painting, geeked out, and ran around the town like it was mine, basically. Good stuff.

Seattle Show Shenans

Newsletter- 1/2 way home, no longer just lyrics by Gift of Gab

Hey gang,

Welcome to the newsletter. It’s summer, and raining like whoah in Denver, which has made it fairly ok here in the mountains.

I flew out for a show at Halogen gallery in June. What a gorgeous city--saw old friends from the SBC, ran around with new ones, and made a largeish mural for the show.
It’s been painted over, but there's plenty of photo documentation.

I currently have work available at Lunar Boy in Eugene, OR, and Art Whino, in the near DC area.

Excitement! They’re still in post production, but I painted some imagery that Nike will be using as a backdrop in the catalog for their ACG line. 72 and Sunny commissioned myself and 6-7 other artists for this, with the idea of an outdoor playground-- friendship, fun, and the outdoors meshing with urban life. The campaign will run a year, with web, print, and retail stores all showcasing the work.

Recently, I have gotten web press from a few sources, check these nice news providers--party like an art star, kotori, e minor, orange alert, and Dew labs. I've been doing a bit for 303 magazine on the illustration side, and worked on a great feature for July, with 15 illustrations or so for the local issue. Also in the 303 realm, I’m working on some board designs for the shop. and finally, 2 illustrations for Annalemma magazine, a quarterly out of Florida.

on the radar

The 7th, I’ll be in a group show at C.A.V.E. in Los Angeles, where I’ll be showing 2 pieces of the bird varietal.

The 21st, here in Denver, a great event will be taking place. Illiterate magazine is putting on a massive print show called CMYK vs RGB at Space gallery. I’ll have a few old prints available, and a brand new letterpress(!) print coming out from CMYK project. If you’re in the area, come have a look, or email me for more information on availability. UPDATE- that piece is not going to be ready for the show, but there will be some other offerings. THe letterpress will be available soon....

Also in town, big things in Sept. BIG ol’ thangs.


Recently printed up some new Robot CO shirts--it’s back!

I’m hoping to do runs of 25 every few months, if there’s enough demand. THEN, pairing the shirt with a print in a nice package deal. Hopefully in the future I’ll be bringing in other artists; I love to share their work. Shirts are lovingly/begrudgingly hand printed by the gents at Indy Ink.

I’m in the process of moving to greener pastures in Denver, so am having a web/studio sale to lighten the burden. 10-40% off ’08 and older originals, and if you’re in the Denver area, more deals.

Check out the store

That’s all, thanks as always for looking, and helping.


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