Wednesday, November 26, 2008


West vs. Middle
Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008

Clothes Optional Vintage
2918 N. Clark St.
Chicago, Ill.

Madness, slickness, wit, and nature rolled into one ungodly art show. Art by Max Kauffman, Mike Gallegos, Yancy Crawford, and Chris Milhousen at Clothes Optional Vintage.

I've wanted to do a show in Chicago again for sometime, and to get to curate as well as participate in a show...well that is icing on the proverbial cake. This will be my first showing in the windy city in several years and I for one am hyped.

Opens the 6th, from 6 'til late in the evening. Beverages by PBR, and music by a rotating cast of characters throughout the evening. 25% off clothes the night of the opening!

Mike is an amazing gent from Colorado who I teamed up with for a show earlier in the year, and he was actually the point of intro to the space. One of his owls was at Clothes Optional this summer... when can one pass up the chance to see a homie rock his work in another state?

Yancy is a dear friend from my hometown of South Bend, and is basically way too talented for his own good. He's also the most humble person I know, and can play a mean guitar lick while schooling the youth of tomorrow. Simultaneously!

Chris is good...and I mean good.

The show is up for two months. For more info, please contact Clothes Optional Vintage at (773) 296-6630 or

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