Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PRINTS! (of the silkscreen varietal)

Heys and such,
recently got some silkscreen prints done for the first time, and they are Trouble T-Roy.

Run of 75-11x14 in-2 color-140 lb paper.

The 1st 15 are hand embellished- ink drawing, painting, spray paint and more could be on each one, all different.
(45 ea)
print mod
16-40 are hand painted/stained.
(25 ea)
The rest are as is on white 140 lb paper.
(20 ea)
I also made some fun guys for the Umphrey's Halloween show in SF
Gold silkscreen on black paper, 15 ea.


Holler! we can do this via paypal, and then I'll get Etsy back up and running.....

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