Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some pieces in an upcoming show, news, and other Ephemera

Woo. So, still not too good at this posting stuff in a constant basis. But, above this via Flickr, I'm going to put up a few new things I've been doing for n upcoming show. The show is going to be at Pravus Gallery in Phoenix, totally musically themed. Very stoke-d.
Quick explanation of pieces-
1 Theme, based on the Phish song. preview
2 Tape Loss 2 mourning their extinction
3 Root of all Evil, or Can't take the City out of the Girl preview

bunch more new stuff over at Flickr.

In the news category, I'm headed up to Boulder friday to do a mural w/ The Motet at the Fox. I'm gonna hang in Denver for a bit after, hopefully finding a job to move up there, and meeting w/ a few galleries. On saturday, Dinosaur Jr. and more are playing in downtown Denver for 15 bucks! A few days post that, Im headed to Telluride for the Blugrass Festival. I'll be doing a mural w/ Yonder Mt.'s night show Wed the 20th at the Telluride Conference Center. I love these guys, so this is a huge honor for me. Next day is Go Skateboarding Day, which is ...well I don't need to explain it. Ride or die bitches. Beyond this, I've been getting back into acrylics and makng some big stuff, and am hoping to get some new prints coming out soon.
Other random stuff- New Aesop Rock album coming soon, w/ fresh J Fish art. Beastie Boys are ter'ing the US, should be sweet to see them at Red Rocks.
I'm coming onboard to Stuck magazine as unofficial art director, the next issue is gonna have TONS of art from the midwest, some new shirts, and possibly their first non photo cover! Big things.

I got nothing else, back to painting.


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